4 Reasons to Use CATS as GA Handler in Cuba

General Aviation (GA) in Cuba has never been treated distinctly from commercial. Passengers and crew flying in on a private aircraft, either move through commercial logistics or wait long hours on getting assigned an agent.

In many cases, independent companies outside of Cuba provide assistance with permit arrangements and additional information. The challenge occurs when the aircraft lands in Cuba and ground support is needed.

Once the aircraft lands, it has to wait on airport ground support agents who are coordinating commercial flights at the same time. This can lead to significant delays for GA.

1. Priority.

Recently, CATS started operating as an authorized and licensed GA Handler at all airports in Cuba. For GA, this means that there will be a designated team upon arrival to assist with all requested services at airside and landside. CATS, provides full service in ground support, handling and trip planning for all its customers. Clients using this service get priority and are treated distinctly from commercial, using a designated terminal.

 2. Everything you need.

All GA services can be provided through CATS. The company also offers;

  • All permit arrangements
  • Catering
  • Car rental
  • Transportation
  • Concierge services
  • Marina transfer for passenger continuing on a yacht
  • Hotel support
  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG) full support

3. Booking support.

Due to the extreme influx of tourists, accommodation can be one of the biggest challenges. CATS has a large network of booking agents who will go above and beyond to find the right accommodation.

4. Aircraft On Ground (AOG).

One of the main concerns CATS receives from its clients is Aircraft on Ground (AOG). What happens in case your aircraft breaks down in Cuba?

CATS works closely with the airport maintenance team, which is available at all times for AOG support. If the local team cannot solve the issue and the aircraft needs to have parts imported and a mechanic flown in, CATS will provide full support. The company will function as an agent between the client and customs to clear parts.


Travel to Cuba via General Aviation has now been made easier than ever. CATS clients can count on full support from a team with 33+ years of experience, providing 24/7 assistance. The company headquarter is situated in Curacao, where it all started. For more information visit the website at www.catsnv.com.